About Me


Hi, I’m Anna

And I guess this is the bit where I tell you about me so you’ll want to work with me (no pressure!).

There is a long story and a short story (isn’t there for everything!?) but for now, I’ll stick to the short, and you can read some of my blogs and watch some of my videos to piece together the long bit. There is also a nice video below for you to watch.

Both my parents were Academics and I always thought I would be an academic too. This meant that I have achieved the long list of qualifications.  I’ve put those at the bottom for credibility purposes as I want you to know that if you choose to work with me, you’ll be working with someone with a few letters behind her name and not just someone who did a crash course on the internet for 6 weeks.

Anyway, so I thought that I wanted to be an Academic and when I first started practising Nutrition I remember saying to a friend of mine who was studying Psychotherapy:

“I just don’t understand why people can’t just do it!”

(“it” was follow my advice)

And it was after that point that I became a lot more interested in helping people to make change instead of just barking orders and doing even more studying to learn things that people wouldn’t ever implement.

I changed the way I worked.

I used to live in London. I now live in Bournemouth F.Y.I but don’t worry, you can still work with me because everything I do is online. I’ve had clients from Australia, South Africa, The Middle East, Singapore and Canada.

Anyway, when I lived in London I used to charge people by the hour for a consultation. About 60% of those people I only ever saw once.

And it wasn’t because I was bad at my job.

It was because changing your diet and lifestyle is not always easy.

Some people get a plan, run with it and achieve amazing things. Most people don’t. They give up or life gets busy, or they just feel embarrassed and down on themselves and you never hear from them again.

So I changed the way I worked to get the women I wanted to work with committed. Instead of running individual consultations, I started running a semi-private coaching model.

It worked two fold. By working in a coaching program my clients commit to making changes over 6-12 months. They do not just commit to turning up to a consultation which last an hour and getting a piece of paper with some instructions at the end.

By doing so, the invest in themselves but also invest in having my support, not to mention the support of others with the same goals, every day of the week.

By working in this way I can actually help people achieve their goals because I have the systems and structures in place to offer massive amounts of support. In my opinion the biggest thing that get’s in someone’s way when it comes to diet is not the diet itself but the space between their own two ears and the amount of stress we all experience every day that influences it.

By using a group coaching model, I created a powerful community to share and effect change too.

So that’s me and how I work.

I run a women’s only online weight loss coaching program with a difference. The difference being that you have to be ready to give me at least 6 months of your time. But don’t worry, we’ll use that to design a beautiful life for you where you not only eat well, but have a healthier relationship with your body, with food, less stress and anxiety and more happiness and inner power.

Does that sound awesome?

Well then you can find out how to work with me here:

This is the list of my qualifications in case you were wondering:

Functional Medicine Practitioner (Currently undergoing Certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine, January 2017)

MSc. Personalised Nutrition

BSc. Hons Nutritional Therapy

BSc. Hons Human Kinetics and Ergonomics

BSc. Biochemistry

I have also recently (2016) completed a 2 year diploma in Psychoneuro-immunology. I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher, Group Fitness Instructor and NLP Practitioner – all of which form part of the “long story”.

I am Registered with both the British Association of Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council (CNHC).