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How Stressed Are You?

The Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) is one of the tests that I recommend the most when working with clients. Although the adrenal glands are such a small gland, their function is completely fundamental to the overall picture of health. The signs and symptoms of poor adrenal health include: low energy low mood a plateau or

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The Inner Body Transformation

Today I just had to write about this. Something came up in my coaching group and I thought I wrote a very eloquent response. This is part of it. “the only habit that seems a little broken at the moment is the habit of self love, because you are a little busy right now…” Let

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High Protein Homemade Breakfast Muesli

  Before I get into the recipe I need to put it into context. With the popularity of lower carb diets and paleo eating, grain based breakfasts are considered out and high fat and high protein breakfasts are considered in. So, for those that follow these principles, this breakfast may seem a little confusing. Those

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