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So I’m a pretty routine kinda gal.

6am: wake up, amino acids and maybe a coffee if there is time and I feel like it

6;30am: Leave for the gym

6:40:am: Train

7:40am/8am: Home, protein shake, meditation, breakfast (at the moment this is porridge oats, honey, a bit of koko milk and cinnamon and maybe a medjool date or two). Then its pack up a lunch and head off to the office for 8:30/9ish

This week I decided to photograph all my lunches/lunch boxes to give you a little idea about what I am eating for lunch these days. Generally I always start with the protein source; at the moment I am mostly opting for lean meats and eating chicken and venison.

Then I assess whether or not I want carbs with the meal. I’m training quite hard at the moment so usually I am popping in some left over brown rice, sweet potato of new potatoes cooked the previous evening. I have been enjoying the medjool dates quite a bit this week and thats why you’ll see less carbs in the lunch boxes. Everything in balance :)

A standard in my meals is sauerkraut or fermented tomato salsa. Then some form of greens usually rocket, watercress or mixed leaves. Finally , I just add a bit of colour with cherry tomatoes or peppers.

If I want some more fats I’ll add avocado or olives. I prefer to “eat” my fats so I won’t normally add an oil based salad dressing but I’ll use balsamic vinegar or sauerkraut.

This is how the week went…


gluten free lunch


Really simple dish for a low carb meal. I bought a bunch of chicken breasts and cooked them up with a little coconut oil, celery salt and garlic granules. I’ve found this low-ish carb beetroot and mint dip at M&S which is also low in fat but¬†packed with flavour. It makes normal chicken taste really good. I wrapped the two up in lettuce leaves for my greens. This would make a simple lunch or great afternoon snack!


primal lunchbox


One of the things I do which is quick and easy is I fry some venison mince up with red onion, peppers, garlic and a little tomato paste and smoked paprika. It doesn’t take long at all and it is delicious garnished with some hard cheese. Then throw in all the salad items of choice and off we go. You can see the little weighing scale popping out underneath. Yes, I weigh my food. This is more so to make sure I eat ENOUGH for recovery and fuelling as I think I could under-eat otherwise. It also means I don’t get hungry and go to the shops and buy sweet treats at 3pm…


paleo lunches


This is a left over venison burger from the previous evening. Sauerkraut on top as a garnish and then olives and salad on the side. The single burger wasn’t enough for me to be honest. I’d definitely put two in next time. I really need about 200g of meat to fill me up at lunch.


paleo lunch box


Wednesday was the same mince again. This time with some salad and blue cheese. Nothing new to report really but the small amount of blue cheese was such a treat. As I mentioned before I would normally add about 150g-200g rice or sweet potato to this but I have been a little less organised this week so I’ve been eating some brown cow yoghurt and banana with cinnamon and sea salt for some extra carbs.

healthy carb snacks


paleo lunch

Thursday is another low carb day for me. I also decided to work from home (hence the nice plate versus the tupperware). This is a really simple dish (chicken and broccoli), but I make it exciting by using my magical salad dressing:

mashed anchovies

olive oil

finely sliced chilli

smoked paprkia

balsamic vinegar

fresh basil

I added some peppers in for colour too and finished off with a few cheeky squares (20g) of dark chocolate. ¬†nyom nyom…



Another high carb day. Today enjoying a little bit of rye sourdough from my Abel and Cole delivery. Open sandwiches with chicken, beetroot and mint dip and avocado. I found this really filling which was perfect after some heavy squats and conditioning in the gym :)


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