Managing Pain and Fatigue with Dr Lacey Chittle

This video interview is a must watch for anyone who suffers with unexplained symptoms, pain, fatigue or debilitating health conditions.

I met Dr Lacey Chittle 3 years ago at a Functional Medicine Conference. She was a vibrant, healthy, beautiful woman – you would never guess that a few years before she had been almost disabled with complex fatigue and pain syndromes.

I’ve only since come to know the details of her story and how she reclaimed her health. I felt compelled that more people need to know that pain, fatigue and complex health conditions do not need to be your “new normal”.

Many people aren’t aware of the relationship between diet and lifestyle and pain. Or the way in which digestive health links to almost everything!

Please make some time to listen to this interview or share with someone who would benefit from hearing this message <3

More information about Dr Lacey Chittle

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