Ready Steady Cook Competition with Buy Whole Foods Online

Buy Whole Foods Online


Anna Marsh Nutrition has teamed up with Buy Whole Foods Online  to bring you our very first Ready Stead Cook Competition.

There are £30 of vouchers up for grabs for one lucky person who loves to cook creatively with healthy ingredients.

Simply make a dish using the following ingredients –

Cod Loin / Fillet
Almonds (In any form)
Tomatoes (whole or cherry)

Then submit your entry by posting it on your page, tagging in Anna Marsh Nutrition and Buy Wholefoods Online as well as like both these pages.

The Rules:
– Create a dish using ALL the ingredients “provided”.
– Additionally you may use cupboard staples:

  • Salt & Pepper
  • Oil/butter/coconut butter for cooking
  • Eggs
  • Flour/gluten free flour replacements
  • Sugar or alternatives (stevia, xylitol or honey)
  • Milk or milk alternatives (coconut, almond etc.)

– You may also select 5 ingredients not listed to compliment your dish. These could be:

  • Flavour enhancers: additional herbs, spices
  • Starches to compliment: quinoa, potato, rice, lentils etc
  • Vegetables to add bulk/texture
  • Additional protein sources or protein powders

– To submit a recipe you must include ingredients – including quantities – and a picture of the dish.
– All recipes must be submitted by midnight on the last day of the month.
– Judging will happen in the first week of the month. The winners will be required to provide full recipe instructions.


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