The Sustainable Slim Down

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The Sustainable Slim Down is an incredible online resource that I created to summarise 16 years of education and personal experience helping women with their weight. It is the exact tools and resources that I use with my High End Coaching clients to help them drop pounds and lose inches, and most importantly, create a happier and healthier approach to life.

Due to the high end service that is offered to my High End Coaching clients, I can only work with a limited number of women at any time. For this reason, I wanted to create something that would enable me to share all my incredible knowledge and help more women.

In the Sustainable Slim Down you will learn:

>> How to create a mindset for change.
Most women fall victim to yo-yo dieting behaviour because they miss one of the most important concepts of losing weight; a change in mindset and identity.
Your identity is married to your behaviours.
Want to change your eating behaviours and your relationship with food forever?
Then you need to become a different person, you have to start to thinking and acting differently when it comes to your body. Love yourself enough to want to nourish yourself with balanced meals and exercise in a healthy way.
When your values align with your behaviour, beautiful things happen and changes last.
>> The importance of reflection
Each week you’ll get a weekly reflective workbook. This will allow you to reflect on your positive actions acknowledge them and understand areas of weakness that need more focus and attention.
It works if you work it.
When you find happiness and joy in everything that is happening right now, without continuously focusing on what isn’t. You can approach your goals with a new and positive energy and avoid the trap of self sabotage.
Taking time to reflect is one of the THE most important tools I use in my coaching program.
In my years of experience working with women who diet there are common trends;perfectionism, all or nothing behaviour and self sabotage.
The simple reflective tools given to you in Sustainable Slimdown will help you be at ease with your progress as you work towards creating sustainable change in behaviour one habit at a time.
>> What to eat
This may seem obvious but what I have learnt from working with so many women who diet is that they have been on and off diets so many times they have lost any sense of what “normal” looks like.
They waiver from extreme restriction and/or obsessive exercise to overindulgence and/or inactivity and lack the ability to find a stable norm.
This program is all about stopping the pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other and finding a gentle rock in the centre.
>> Information & Support Galore
You will not be short of information to help you succeed. I’ve summarised the most important things that I’ve learnt about weight loss in 16 years of Industry experience and broken it down into 10 Core Modules to address basic foundations and 3 BONUS Expert Modules to address more complex topics such as digestive health and female hormones, that many programs do not address.
There are 24 videos, 25 PDF Handouts Including Cheat Sheets, Recommended Food Lists and Mindset Tools PLUS additional BONUSES including 3 Different Training Programs from absolute beginner to advanced, Exercise Tutorials and 70 different recipes.
A Summary of the breakdown includes:
Core Modules
  • Module 1: Creating a Mindset For Change
  • Module 2: Understanding What to Eat: Food Quality
  • Module 3: Carbohydrates
  • Module 4: Proteins
  • Module 5: Fats
  • Module 6: Preparation, Planning & Making Time To Change
  • Module 7: Sports Nutrition
  • Module 8: Calories and Macros
  • Module 9: Understanding Stress and Stress Management
  • Module 10: Reverse Dieting and Maintenance
Expert Modules
  • Digestive Wellness: Including a gut reset protocol for those who suffer with digestive complaints
  • Understanding Detoxification
  • Balancing Female Hormones Naturally
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Training with enough programming to keep you busy for at least 6 months
  • Exercise Tutorial to make sure you know what exercises to do and how they are best performed for optimal results
  • 70 recipes to cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweat treats. Most of which are gluten and dairy free and/or could be easily adapted if necessary.
  • All the recipes have calorie and macro values provided and are high in protein.

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