Ellie – 52, Hairdresser, Bramley

Since working with Anna I have lost weight, learnt how to look after myself with good nutrition and the right amount of exercise. I’ve learnt how to love myself. I am much less stressed, more patience and happier.

I spend my time doing the things I love. I no longer worry about what others think, what I think I look like, what I am going to wear and what I am going to eat.

Anna is different because she is always there for you. She comes from a place of love and she has a huge amount of knowledge.

You will get more out of working with her than you ever imagined. She will make sure you succeed, she wants you to succeed. Having her hold your hand through the process makes that possible.

This was the best investment I ever made. I have tools now I can use for life. It has been the most liberating experience and I highly recommend it.

Mel, 34, Oman, Branding and Marketing 

Anna has helped me to change my life, I’m a completely new person. I have lost centimeters, I have changed my body composition and I am a lot stronger and healthier. I have become the happiest, healthiest, best version of me!

Anna has helped me every step of the way and has supported me in everything I need to do to get there. She is the whole package. She focuses on nutrition, training, but most importantly the mindset. She is undeniably the best professional I have worked with to help me achieve so much more than just weight loss.

Paula – 46, Southbourne, Sales 

The gut reset eliminated the IBS symptoms I have classed as “normal” for 27 years. My bloating and gas reduced almost immediately and I lost 7 lbs in total after struggling to lose even a pound before!

Hollie, 31, Marketing, Dubai

Jo, 42, Cheshire, Business Owner

Emma, 37, Tyne and Wear, Therapist

Jess, 48, Mum, Yorkshire

When I started I wrote down 5 goals which were (in order of importance): To look more athletic, have a more positive attitude through feeling healthier, increase energy through having better functional health, invest in new clothes for a new body, Reach 70Kg in Dec 1st!

I was 84kg when I started and now I am 75kg. But I am happy with that as everything else has changed with my body and mind. When I started I couldn’t possibly imagine that I could work out 4 times a week with 2 young kids.I had put on so much weight with each pregnancy, I felt awful.

For me my biggest achievement is feeling athletic. I love being in my gym stuff. I love my thighs. I love feeling strong.Most importantly I managed to carve out some time for myself to exercise. I feel so much more confident – I never worry about what people think about my shape and size because I know I am trying my best and I’m happy with what I see in the mirror – for once in my life!

Louise, 37, IT, London

Before: I was super unhappy. I wanted to tear my skin off my bones at times because I hated my body so much. I binge ate high refined processed garbage and barely exercised. I was ill often and had no energy. I binge ate, then restricted, then binge ate again and probably tried about every fad or crash diet I heard about.

Now: I have found what works best for me, my attitude has completely changed I am fitter and healthier than I’ve been in my whole life. I’ve changed my story from being “I hate exercise, I hate eating healthy foods – I just want to slob on the couch and each junk” to being the “healthy sporty” one (much to my surprise!). I still have moment of massive self doubt, and probably will always remember every last negative comment I have had about my body, but those moments are (thankfully!) few and far between.

Pamela, 42, Massage Therapist, Scotland

Working with Anna I learnt to respect my body. She helped me let go of my “all or nothing” mentality. I’ve learnt to consume so much more food in a balance manner. In doing so I’ve got stronger and fitter without putting any weight on. It blew my mind because for so many years I’ve now realised I was starving my body. I’ve learnt so much and my confident is through the roof!

Nut Nut, 29, Scientist, Germany

Working with Anna, I’ve learned an exceptional amount about nutrition and wellbeing and this has empowered me with the tools I need for fat loss.

I’ve built muscle and definition. I’ve “repaired” my metabolism from years of restrictive eating, so I can maintain my weight while eating over 2000 calories. In combination with strategies to reduce my stress levels, I’ve lost 12cm from my waist, 16cm from stomach and 17cm from my hips, by working out LESS and eating MORE than I ever have before!

This journey has been so powerful. I’ve learned not to hear food, how to systematically manipulate calories, macros and exercise to get results and the importance of reducing physical and psychological stress.

What makes Anna’s program different is that she is interactive, supportive, and she provides all the tools and education so you can look after yourself for life. Trust Anna, she is ridiculously good at this!

Jane, 47, Events, London

“Working with Anna I wasn’t happy because I was losing weight, I was losing weight because I was happy!”


Rou – 41, Kent

What can I say!? I started working with Anna with the idea that I wanted to be a size 12. In the end, I got so much more! I have good quality sleep 85% of the time (I used to have great difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep all the time). I have had two cycles with hardly any PMT symptoms (I used to get terribly depressed, thinking life isn’t worth living).

I enjoy social occasions again (after months of feeling too tired and uncomfortable in my bigger clothes to go out and enjoy myself). I’m comfortably in 14 and 12s now (I was bursting out of my 16 tops and 14 bottoms). I love myself and tell me that everyday out loud in front of a mirror.

Claire, 34, Lawyer, Stockport

Before I started working with Anna I was already avoiding carbs and minimising what I ate (during the week at least) leaving me lacking energy in the gym and probably overeating at the weekends. I was dreading the thought of starving myself in the lead up to my wedding day!

Although I didn’t binge on comfort food I certainly had an emotional attachment to food, treating myself to something nice after a long weeks at work or a glass of wine after a bad day.

Working with Anna  I learnt to view food differently, valuing the nutritional benefits, being more mindful when eating as well as listening to my body.  I also broke my obsession with the scales, when I was a stone lighter I wasn’t happier, or even as happy as I am now and I certainly wasn’t as fit, strong or healthy as I am now. I have lost inches, changed my body composition and most importantly I have more energy and feel better about myself!

I have lost inches, changed my body composition and most importantly I have more energy and feel better about myself!

Caroline, 37, Shift-Worker, London

When I started this journey I was at the tail end of 10 years of yo-yo dieting which had resulted in an increase of 4 stone.

Since working with Anna,, apart from the fat loss, I have a much healthier approach to food. I don’t binge eat, I don’t beat myself if I eat a cupcake etc.  I have not only improved my physical body composition but I’ve seen changes in physical performance alongside losing body fat.

I liked the information Anna provided and explained so I could educate myself about the food I eat and the effect it has on my body.

I can’t recommend Anna enough. Whether you are someone who is struggling to lose weight or someone who is already a competitive athlete Anna can help you become lean and/or increase your performance. With Anna’s system you have both her support and that of other women, via the exclusive Facebook group, who can provide experience and insights.

Che –  32, Illustrator and Yoga Teacher  (Gut Reset – Also available As Image Quote)

I did Anna’s gut reset to balance my skin after a round of strong antibiotics. Not only did the reset improve my skin drastically but it also improved my digestion, the growth of my hair, the quality of my sleep, and gave me a much flatter stomach (whilst eating more food than usual!)

It can be a challenge to give up certain foods but with the right support and information on how to do it properly, it is totally doable and completely worth it!

I fully support Anna’s Gut Reset Program and look forward to doing it again!

Sue, 41, Mum


Rowan | Student| Digestion, Weight Loss and PCOS 

“I’ve lost about 2kg and have got rid of bloating and my mood has improved. After taking a break from exercise I have started training again and noticed a big difference in my energy levels. I am regular each month again so my fertility must be back. I can’t believe it as I hadn’t had a period  for 11 months.”

Nicole | Banker | Weight Loss

“I lost 9 kgs (1.5 stones) in 10 weeks following Anna’s diet plan and working out with a personal trainer.  Anna designed a personalised diet for me, incorporating foods I like to eat, and gave me recipes for new dishes to keep my diet interesting. The plan she designed was easy to follow and didn’t feel like a diet.Her advice for dealing with eating out in restaurants, attending drinks parties, and business dinners was invaluable.  She was easily reachable and knowing that she was there helped me stay focused on my weight loss goals.”

Amelia | Consultant | Weight Loss & Pre and Post Natal

“In 2010, following Anna’s nutritional advice. I lost 10kgs in five weeks whilst having inginal tendinitis which limited how mobile I was and how hard I could exercise. In 2011, I got pregnant and still kept working with Anna, whom adapted my diet to support me through my pregnancy. I was able to exercise up until I was 7 months pregnant but gained 12kgs of baby weight. I dropped this in a few short weeks after giving birth which I know could only be attributed to having the best nutritional advice at every stage.”

Sara | Consultant | PCOS and Insulin Resistance

 “I just thought I’d let you know that my doctor was hugely impressed with my new diet and I’ve been allowed to drastically reduce my amount of insulin sensitising medication!! Am now down to just one tablet a day as I’m managing to control my insulin levels so well on the diet. So a massive thank you to you for properly introducing me to it, long may the good results continue!”

Hilary | Manager | Stress, Fatigue and Fat Loss

“I went to Anna suffering from stress, I was eating the wrong foods as my appetite was poor, my blood sugar levels were all over the place and I was suffering from complete fatigue. I had gained weight and felt frustrated that I couldn’t seem to lose it. I had really lost my mojo and was feeling so emotional about it as I was previously in good health.  Anna sent me for blood tests and analysed the results for me, making recommendations for supplements that would help support my health. She took the time to explain the results and why she had chosen certain supplements to “kick start” my system again.  She also told me to be patient and give my body time to recover with the new eating and supplement regime. Now, 6 weeks later, I am back at full strength, I have lost the weight I gained and I am rearing to go.  I cannot thank Anna enough for fixing me and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to feel great.  Thank you Anna!”

Victoria | Consultant | Weight Loss, Adrenal Fatigue & Candida

“I have never been a big person, yet over the years my weight had increased and one day I decided enough was enough. I tried many different diets and lost a few pounds here and there but would gain it back quickly and nothing was sustainable. I am not usually one to acknowledge or admit to poor health but after talking to Anna she suggested that there may be some problems with my digestive system and my Adrenal glands. Test results showed that I was intolerant to many of the foods I lived on daily, I was producing antibodies to a yeast called candida albicans which can overgrow in the digestive tract AND I had a disruption in my stress hormones which Anna explained was potentially causing my metabolism to slow down. I had to go on a strict diet to deal with my digestive issues and take supplements to support my Adrenal Glands, but I was determined. I lost a stone in 2 months and reached my goal weight.”