James | Director | Fat loss and Sports Performance

‘I had my first consultation with Anna in January 2012 at my local gym. I have always trained hard often 5 times a week although continued to remain over weight with no real definition in my physique.  Anna immediately examined my every day diet and made recommendations where appropriate. I immediately started to see results and having fortnightly appointments was useful in keeping a check on progress. At the start of January I was 104.8 kg with 21.8% body fat. By July I was 91 kg with 13.5% body fat. Being able to see and experience these results really helped keep me motivated. Combined with the excellent advice on my diet Anna recommended various supplements to aid not only fat loss but my training as a whole. Again these supplements often change on a monthly basis and enable me to train at as high an intensity as possible. At the moment i am 91 kg although have an end target to reach a 10% body fat.’

Rowan | Student| Digestion, Weight Loss and PCOS 

“I’ve lost about 2kg and have got rid of bloating and my mood has improved. After taking a break from exercise I have started training again and noticed a big difference in my energy levels. I am regular each month again so my fertility must be back. I can’t believe it as I hadn’t had a period  for 11 months.”

Nicole | Banker | Weight Loss

“I lost 9 kgs (1.5 stones) in 10 weeks following Anna’s diet plan and working out with a personal trainer.  Anna designed a personalised diet for me, incorporating foods I like to eat, and gave me recipes for new dishes to keep my diet interesting. The plan she designed was easy to follow and didn’t feel like a diet.Her advice for dealing with eating out in restaurants, attending drinks parties, and business dinners was invaluable.  She was easily reachable and knowing that she was there helped me stay focused on my weight loss goals.”

Amelia | Consultant | Weight Loss & Pre and Post Natal

“In 2010, following Anna’s nutritional advice. I lost 10kgs in five weeks whilst having inginal tendinitis which limited how mobile I was and how hard I could exercise. In 2011, I got pregnant and still kept working with Anna, whom adapted my diet to support me through my pregnancy. I was able to exercise up until I was 7 months pregnant but gained 12kgs of baby weight. I dropped this in a few short weeks after giving birth which I know could only be attributed to having the best nutritional advice at every stage.”

Sara | Consultant | PCOS and Insulin Resistance

 “I just thought I’d let you know that my doctor was hugely impressed with my new diet and I’ve been allowed to drastically reduce my amount of insulin sensitising medication!! Am now down to just one tablet a day as I’m managing to control my insulin levels so well on the diet. So a massive thank you to you for properly introducing me to it, long may the good results continue!”

Hilary | Manager | Stress, Fatigue and Fat Loss

“I went to Anna suffering from stress, I was eating the wrong foods as my appetite was poor, my blood sugar levels were all over the place and I was suffering from complete fatigue. I had gained weight and felt frustrated that I couldn’t seem to lose it. I had really lost my mojo and was feeling so emotional about it as I was previously in good health.  Anna sent me for blood tests and analysed the results for me, making recommendations for supplements that would help support my health. She took the time to explain the results and why she had chosen certain supplements to “kick start” my system again.  She also told me to be patient and give my body time to recover with the new eating and supplement regime. Now, 6 weeks later, I am back at full strength, I have lost the weight I gained and I am rearing to go.  I cannot thank Anna enough for fixing me and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to feel great.  Thank you Anna!”

Victoria | Consultant | Weight Loss, Adrenal Fatigue & Candida

“I have never been a big person, yet over the years my weight had increased and one day I decided enough was enough. I tried many different diets and lost a few pounds here and there but would gain it back quickly and nothing was sustainable. I am not usually one to acknowledge or admit to poor health but after talking to Anna she suggested that there may be some problems with my digestive system and my Adrenal glands. Test results showed that I was intolerant to many of the foods I lived on daily, I was producing antibodies to a yeast called candida albicans which can overgrow in the digestive tract AND I had a disruption in my stress hormones which Anna explained was potentially causing my metabolism to slow down. I had to go on a strict diet to deal with my digestive issues and take supplements to support my Adrenal Glands, but I was determined. I lost a stone in 2 months and reached my goal weight.”