The Dairy Free Milk Review

On the 8th of January, myself and Ben started the Beat the Bloat Gut Reset with 180 women. The purpose of Beat the Bloat was to reset and repair the digestive system to support better digestive health as well as other health related symptoms such as energy, sleep, foggy brain, mood, carbohydrate cravings, skin health, hormonal balance and much much more!

The process involved eliminating a select list of foods from our diet for 4 weeks while focussing on foods to support and nourish the gut membrane. After the 4 weeks, there was a structured food reintroduction process to challenge foods that were eliminated to identify food triggers.

I mostly know what does and doesn’t suit me and my normal diet is not too far off gut reset standards. However, Ben had been struggling with asthma and a wheezy chest and the main reason for us embarking on the program was to reset after the festive season, but also to support him, and my clients.

Ben noticed a massive difference in his asthma symptoms across the 28 days. He was told previously he may have to go on life long medication in addition to using an inhaler. After 28 days he had used his inhaler once and he was symptoms free. His mood was also better, he had more energy, he was feeling good in his skin and he lost 5kg!

We’ve decided to remain dairy free in our house for the time being. Ben is feeling good and he has touched a drop of gluten or dairy. He has had a little bit of red wine and some gluten free, dairy free treats!

We went to the supermarket the other day. It was a massive Sainsbury’s, one we don’t normally visit,  and I got a little over-excited by all the choice and ended up buying ALL the dairy free milks.

Now that I have pretty much worked my way through all of them, I thought I’d write a review of what I thought of each.

But firstly, before I start writing this I want to say I feel a little bit bad. I know as I write this review I’m going to have to say why I feel some of the products are better than others but what I want to make clear before I do that, is that ALL these products are great on their own.

When I moved to the UK 10 years ago to study my Nutritional Therapy degree, you would be hard pressed to find some many amazing dairy free options – and nice tasting ones too! I am so grateful to ALL these companies for putting what they have on the market and giving us so much choice.


Plenish Coconut – 20p per 100ml (1L carton) at Sainsbury’s  – found currently on sale at Ocado 12.4p per 100ml

This was THE product on social media that many people commented and said they really liked. However, it was my least favourite.

For me personally it didn’t have a coconutty or creamy flavour but tasted more of sweetness – this is potentially why it won the public over :)

It contained just under 8g of carbohydrate per 100ml which means that if I put 200ml in a smoothie, that is almost 16g of carbohydrate – in addition to the banana  (25g) and medjool date (10g) I also add to my smoothie, it all adds up!

Although I mostly drink my smoothie post workout, it still adds to the total carbohydrate content of the drink which means less potatoes later in the day.

It did contain only 3 ingredients all of which were wholefoods. The brand also offers hazelnut and almond options which I have yet to try.


Califa Almond Milk – 26p per 100ml (750ml bottle) at Sainsbury’s


This option came second from the bottom of the pile mainly based on price and the fact that it was sold as a 750ml carton. I can be a bit OCD but I’m quite specific about adding 200ml of liquid to my smoothies which is awkward if you only get 3 and ¾ servings. It’s not really THAT big a deal but I felt for a slightly more expensive product, with less volume it wasn’t worth it.

It was however the ONLY dairy-free milk alternative that Che Dyer said does not split in her coffee (which she likes really hot), so I am sure if that is a priority for you, it would be a good pick.

It was pretty low calorie and low carb but a few unrecognisable words on the labelling: Calcium Carbonate, Acidity Regulator (Potassium Citrate).

They do have an iced coffee option which I think would taste pretty good in a glass with ice come summer time!

Vita Coco – 30p per 100ml (1L Bottle) at Sainsbury’s


I really enjoyed the taste of this milk. It had a nice balance of coconut flavour and it wasn’t too sweet. Almost like a more creamy version of coconut water. It contained 2.0g of fat and 2.3g of carbohydrate per 100ml which meant that it was only 30 calories per 100ml, perfect for my smoothie!

That being said, there were a few big words and E number on the label and for that reason, and the price point, I may choose another product above this instead.


Rude Health Coconut Milk – 27.9p per 100ml (1L Carton) Abel and Cole – also found between 20p and 25p per 100ml online

I have been using this coconut milk for 3 years.

It contains only 4 natural ingredients and it is my milk of choice in my morning coffee and it doesn’t split. The carbohydrate content per 100ml is 10.4g which is the highest compared to all the milks I tried.

This could be a downfall if someone was using large amounts and or someone who struggles with blood sugar balance. It is also the most expensive option so far. I use about 50ml in my coffee once a day, it tastes delicious, it lasts in the refrigerator for more than a week so for 14p per serving I am happy to continue to use it to enjoy my morning coffee!


Rebel Mylk – 30p per 100ml (1L Carton)

This is my absolute winner overall due to the diversity of this product. It is available with 3 different fat contents – skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole – which makes it versatile for smoothies, coffee and cooking.

I use the whole version in curries as an alternative to tinned coconut milk or in a coffee. The skimmed and semi-skimmed options work well in smoothies depending on how much fat you want to include – I usually keep my post-workout smoothies lower in fat.

It is slightly more pricey than some of the other options, but the taste is delicious – I have to stop myself from drinking it out of the carton as I love all things coconut flavoured – and it contains only 6 natural ingredients, no chemicals. It does contain cashew nuts which might be a problem for someone with a nut allergy.


Want to improve your digestive health? Have more energy? Better skin and a trimmer waistline? Listen to what my clients have to say about Beat The Bloat.

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