The Gut-Skin Connection – Interview with Che Dyer

In October this year Che Dyer (@indieyogalife on instagram) did my digestive reset to help her skin.

I actually have her to thank because she was the inspiration for me creating the Beat The Bloat – 28 Day Digestive Reset. It was seeing her journey (because she had me on speed dial) and also the interest she was getting on her instagram account – that made me realise… More people need to know about this!

I asked her if she would be let me interview her on her experience so here we go!

The interesting thing was that Ché is already pretty healthy. She eats well, she practises yoga, she runs, she meditates and she doesn’t carry any extra weight. Even with all of this she still noticed so many benefits from doing the reset that she wasn’t expecting….

Make a cup of tea and give it a listen.



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