Women’s Weight Loss Coaching


Most of my clients have a weight loss goal and I have learnt from working with them that small and sustainable changes work best to achieve long term results.

I have grown to understand is that often being overweight is not just a symptom of not understanding enough about nutrition and exercise but often it is a symptom of a stressful life and not being able to prioritise you.

For this reason I developed The Ladies That Lift, online coaching system. A coaching program for women which combines the personalisation of 1-2-1 consultations with the community of group coaching. My goal is to empower you to make changes to your nutrition, mindset and exercise, with the daily support of a like minded individuals and a qualified team.

For this to work you have to be ready to make a lifestyle change. In the words of one of my client’s:

Anna’s programmes have a way of making it about the experience, and not the food. With every other programme, the focus is on the food. With Anna, I have found that while this is an eating programme, the focus is on everything else, being present, moving more, reflection etc.

Because I want my program to be the last “diet program” that you ever spend your money on I need at least 6 months of your commitment, although most of our clients end up upgrading to a year.

You will get:

  • Complimentary call before starting to make sure it’s the right program for you
  • Personalised Macro Nutrient & Calorie Controlled Nutrition Plan incorporating support for any relevant areas of Functional Health
  • Monthly or Bi-Monthly High Performance coaching to help you reach your full potential
  • Access to 3 group coaching call per week
  • Access to all course resources, videos and recipes via your own login to a unique members site
  • Access to a secret Facebook Group for daily questions and support
  • Accountability through our unique accountability system to make sure no woman get’s left behind
  • Priority booking on all live events
  • Advice on testing and supplements

What some of our client’s say…





We only work with women who are 100% committed and know that change is the only option. If this scares you, then it’s probably exactly what you need.

Please complete the following form to apply to be part of the program and to schedule your complimentary call for more information: